3D Web Visualization of Scientific data

SciviJS is our brand new open-source Javascript library that make you able to visualize 3D scientific data in a standard web browser.


As part of the OpenDreamKit project, we needed open-source tools that aims at load, display and analyze 3D-mesh-data in a standard web browser (i.e. without any plugin). The advantage of SciviJS is that you don't need heavy installation on your computer to use it, you will only need the last version of your favorite browser. So it will be very simple to use it, and to share your work with people.

You can define your visualization in a dictionary containing urls to your mesh and data and a hierarchy of effects (called block structures).

You can see the block structure as following:

Data blocks are instanciated to load the mesh and defines basic parameters like color, position etc. Blocks are connected together to form a tree that helps build a visual analysis of your mesh data. Each block receives data (like mesh variables, color and position) from its parent and can modify them independently.

SciviJS is thought as it is really simple to create your own plug in block.

As of today, there is 7 types of native plug-in blocks:


Now try yourself ! You can dynamically change every parameters of this block description, even create new blocks by right-clicking on blocks in the tree if you want. You also can change the block description with Load button.

Future works

Authors and Contributors

SciviJS is a Javascript library based on ThreeJS created by Martin Renou for Logilab. Some of the features are inspired by what Franck Wang did during his internship at Logilab. This work is a part of the OpenDreamKit project.